U2 X Es Devlin Tee
U2 X Es Devlin Tee

U2 X Es Devlin Tee

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The word 'dome' originally meant 'home'. Nevada is home to over 4000 species, of which we humans are just one. For the inauguration of Sphere, we invoke 26 of Nevada's most endangered birds, insects, plants, fish and mammals, dedicating this contemporary domed cathedral to the species who call Nevada home. Every time we learn the name of a more-than-human species we make a habitat for it within our imagination.

Proceeds from the sale of this T-shirt are donated to the Nevada Wildlife Federation

The Nevada Wildlife Federation is the oldest conservation organization in Nevada:

"We envision a Nevada with abundant wildlife freely roaming across a healthy sagebrush-steppe ecosystem to which all Nevadans have equitable access. Our mission is to maintain, enhance, and restore migration routes among core wildlife habitats for Nevada’s wildlife. 

As we enter our 71st year of conservation work, we are focused on addressing our state’s drought and wildfires caused by climate change, identifying wildlife corridors and advocating for responsible energy development. It is our hope that future generations will enjoy our public lands and wildlife in the years to come."

Nevada Wildlife Federation